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Why sell with us?

Reason 1

You won't compete with millions of images and thousands
of contributors.

Reason 2

High Royalties; 60%-80%.

Reason 3

Non-Exclusive agreement; photographers are free
to sell their work in other places.

* We moderate all content to ensure good quality.

What we want

Samples of what we want

We are looking for creative photographers with a highly artistic approach, professionals or enthusiasts, who are interested in selling their work for a high royalty rate.

We like variety, people who are talented in certain areas but also people willing to cover different subjects. Also, we like photographers who want to innovate and be creative, to experiment in the field and find new ways of producing images.

Contrary to most popular stock websites, Macrografiks is meant to have a small but outstanding group of photographers who can play an important role in our gallery. We prefer to have less contributors with higher quality material. This way, the work of each individual will have more exposure on the website and, as a consequence, will have the possibility to sell more.

Becoming a contributor for Macrografiks is free.

For more references of the type of images we are looking for, visit our Photografiks board on Pinterest.



As we offer a non-exclusive agreement to all photographers, you are free to sell your work in other places.

Check our pricing tables to see the cost of our licenses.

For more information please read the Contributor Agreement.


  • Submit JPEG (maximum quality) photos with at least 3000 pixels (long-edge).
  • Start with a minimum of 15 photos.
  • Upload new content regularly (at least every 6 months).

Macrografiks is not accepting new contributors at the moment.

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